Meet The Stone That Changed My Life- Ocean Jet

One day I went into my favorite crystal store and was talking to the owner. I noticed that he was looking at me strangely. I asked if something was wrong. He asked me if I was in pain. That was very perceptive of him. I have a lot of nerve pain in my head and in the side of my face, residual pain left from the brain surgery I had several years ago. "Wait right here!" he said. When he came back he had, in his hand, what looked like a large lump of charcoal. Not a pretty thing at all. The man then simply passed the stone through my aura close to where I was getting the pain.

We talked for a few more minutes then he asked me how I felt. The truth was, I felt pretty good! I had no nerve pain to speak of. This was a monumental moment for me because I take a lot of medication to relieve this pain and it never helps totally. It had been six long years of living in a state of discomfort and now I had no pain at all. Did I want to purchase a piece of this wonderous stone? Uh, duh! of course I did! Did I want a smaller piece? Definitely NOT! I want that large piece that just performed this miracle! I was then shown how to cleanse it in cool running water and wrap it up in paper so it would be ready for me to use again if needed. It is best if used periodically whether or not there is pain, I was told.

So I did purchase this fist sized chunk of ocean jet for fifty-six dollars. Not a bad price to pay for little to no pain. I do run this stone through my aura 3-4 time a week as a preventative measure. I recommend this stone to anyone who has chronic pain issues. You don't need a piece as large as the one that I bought but Get the largest one that you can afford. There is no need to wear it as jewelry, although you can. It does need to be cleansed often in cool water because it tends to absorb a lot of energy and not just yours.

You can recognize this stone because it looks just like charcoal which is exactly what it is. It is fossilized organic matter which is formed in the water and then collected on shore lines of large bodies of water, including the Great Lakes which is where mine came from. In its raw state it is dull and rough but when polished it has a mirror like gloss which is very beautiful. I often recommend stones in their raw form, unaltered by man or machine. I believe the energy is better and stronger. Whether polished or raw this stone is nothing short of a miracle for individuals with chronic pain. If this is you, please give ocean jet a try. You won't be sorry!

If you have any questions about crystals, reiki, or holistic healing, please leave a comment or shoot me an email and come back to my blog often to see how crystals have changed my life. THANKS!


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