Smudging Or Smoke Cleansing?

Updated: Jan 11

  Have you ever lit some incense just to enjoy the smell?  How about a sage  bundle or Palo Santo?  These days with the availability of sage in your local shopping mall and on Amazon, many of us have.  How did you find out about the process?  How did you learn that lighting a bundle of herbs and walking around the house with it was a good thing to do.  There is a lot of controversy surrounding this practice so let's dive in and find out all we can so we are better informed.

I'm sure you have heard the term "SMUDGING", and if so, you probably associate it with burning white sage. This is a correct term under certain circumstances. Smudging is a native American ritual that connects smoke with spirituality. Indigenous people use white sage in ceremony to spiritually cleanse, and bless people and spaces. Smudging is a bridge between mortal life and the higher realms. Since it was illegal for native Americans to practice their own religion until 1978, many were put in jail or killed for keeping their religious beliefs alive. You can understand then why the term, "SMUDGING" when used by non-native people, is improper. A better term would be "SMOKE CLEANSING".

When we light herbs or incense, it does cleanse the air of negative energy. White sage and Palo Santo both have antibacterial, antiviral qualities. If someone in your house has been sick, burning white sage or Palo Santo will help cleanse the "ICKIES" out of the air. If the you have had an unwanted visitor into your home that caused stress and anxiety or hard feelings in your living space, smoke cleansing will clear the air of negative feelings. If you move into a house and something just feels "OFF", or you have clear signs of an unwanted entity, smoke cleansing with white sage or Palo Santo should help.

A quick word about unwanted entities in your home. Many times if the entity is non-threatening, just asking it to leave or telling it that it is a ghost and must move on will work. If the entity is threatening or the energy is unclearable with smoke cleansing, you may need a professional to handle the job. Reiki can be used to help energetically clear your home. I am trained to do this kind of reiki home clearing. Please contact me for a consultation if you have this kind of situation.

In closing, please be careful where you buy your white sage and Palo Santo. Make sure they are ethically sourced and you are not contributing to the extinction of these important herbs and woods. Please try to avoid the use of the term "SMUDGING" in connection with your own spiritual practice unless you are an indigenous person doing a religious ceremony. The native people have a right to keep their religious practices sacred. Smoke cleanse carefully my friends. Make sure all materials are extinguished before going to sleep or leaving the house. I will be carrying white sage bundles, Palo Santo sticks and handcrafted loose incense on this website as of January 1, 2022.


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