What The Heck Is Earthing?

Do you remember when you were a kid and you spent what seems like the whole summer outside in the yard, barefoot and running around having a great time? Do you remember the feeling of stepping into a stream and feeling the cold from the water creeping up your legs until it actually hurt? Did you ever jump off of a raft into a sun warmed lake or pond and feel enveloped in that green smelling water? How about rolling down a grassy hill? Remember the smell and the feel of the earth on your back? My favorite was always being outside in October, in that crisp autumn air and raking leaves. The smell of those leaves was like heaven and the air was so cool I needed a jacket even though I was working hard. The reward for that day of hard work was something that I waited for all year, jumping in that huge pile of crunchy and fragrant golden red leaves.

All of those things that I just described have a name in this modern world. While I always thought of these things as "having fun", I now know that they are a form of what is an activity called EARTHING. Simply put, earthing is spending time outdoors, in nature, preferably with your shoes off. In our very modern and technological world, we are missing something vital to our health, being connected to the earth. We are inside a lot of the time in houses and building that are grounded with wood, tile and carpet on the floors and insulation under the floor. While this is good for keeping us warm and dry, it is terrible for our bodies. We have lost our "Mother Earth Connection" which we need to maintain our health.

The earth provides us food and water. It is a solid surface to walk on, sit on and stand on. We don't realize that it gives us something else. Something that we can't see, HEALING ENERGY! When our bare feet come in contact with the earth, we become grounded. Any excess energy that is built up in our bodies can naturally drain out through our feet, being absorbed and recycled by Mother Earth. Being in direct contact with the earth can provide several benefits. We will have reduced stress, reduced chronic pain and inflammation, increased energy and sleep, increased blood flow to cells, for faster healing from injuries and surgeries. The earth is alive with an energy all it's own. It is like a battery that is constantly being recharged by the sun. The earth keeps every living thing on the planet alive. The cells that make up our bodies are constantly emitting and receiving energy by the way of electricity. We are electric beings and we are constantly being charged by the earth. If we don't make a physical connection directly to the earth, we lose our charge. Like a lightbulb with a loose connection. This reduced "charge" is causing many of the health problems that are common in modern society. Some of these are anxiety and depression, autoimmune problems like lupus, heart disease, diabetes and inflammation.

It would be a good idea to try to spend at least thirty minutes a day outside with your bare feet on the ground. If the weather is cold bring a large stone inside and rest your bare feet on that instead. Occasionally bring that rock outside to rest on the earth and recharge itself. If you can, spend time outside noticing the colors and smells this fall. Then of course, take your shoes off and jump in the leaves. You may just heal some of those things that have been bothering youj or just feel like a kid again!

Until next time...Debbie

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