Which Crystal Shape Should I Buy?

Crystals come in different shapes for a reason. Each shape has a special meaning and energy. Historically, shapes have had specific meanings used often in writing in code. Each crystal has very specific energy also. That means that if you combine the type of crystal with a specific shape, plus your intention, you get a very powerful healing energy.

Cubes- Cube shaped crystals are very grounding. They can help you connect with Mother Earth's energy. They are a good shape to put in the corners of a room or your yard for protection. Some good crystals to get in cube form are: black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian, red jasper or petrified wood.

Pyramids- This shaped stone is very powerful for helping to manifest your desires. Because the base of the shape is square, it is very strong and a good foundation for anchoring your intention. The point of the pyramid sends your intention into the universe. These are great for gaining wealth. For that purpose, great crystal pyramids would be made of citrine, pyrite, green aventurine, or jade.

Spheres- Spheres are good of radiating a gentler energy out in many directions very much like a glow. These are reminiscent of the Earth itself. They are good for scrying, meditating or for giving a massage. You should look for spheres in rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, or selenite.

Tumble Stones- Tumble stones are the best ones to carry with you during the day. They are also a great way to introduce yourself to the energy of particular crystals. They are inexpensive, practical and portable. All crystals are good to purchase as tumble stones but try to fid ones that are at least the size of a quarter.

Points- Crystal points are fantastic for directing energy. Whether one inch or 12 inches, crystal points all do the same thing. They will keep you focused or direct your intent in a specific direction. Good for use in crystal grids. Any crystal can be shaped into a point but natural points are the most powerful and clear quartz is a good all around crystal to have in this shape. Please program clear quartz before use.

Hearts- Heart shaped crystals are great for amplifying feelings of love, whether romantic love or self love. All heart shaped crystals work to balance and heal the heart chakra. Rose quartz, pink opal, garnet, ruby, rhodonite, and rhodochrosite are good crystals to have in heart shapes.

Skulls- Skull shaped crystals are made for connecting with ancestors. They can help you to connect to loved ones who have crossed over or the ancestors or guardians of the land or of space and time. I prefer to use skull shaped crystals in clear quartz, which help in meditation, but others stones that you personally connect with can work as well.

Clusters or druze- Cluster or druze crystal formations will send many points of energy out into a room at the same time. These are great to use when decorating a room and can amplify feelings or add different energies into a room. A amethyst cluster can add stress reducing energy to a therapy room or sleep inducing energy to a bedroom. A clear quartz cluster can amplify whatever energy is in a room. This can be overwhelming so if a clear quartz cluster lends to the chaotic feel, pre-program this cluster to be used for happiness or stress reduction.

There are many more shapes to discover but these are the most common that you will see. I personally prefer natural crystal shapes to man-made or polished ones because I feel that they have more energy but you should use the shapes that you connect with the most. Please feel free to email me any questions that you may have about crystal shapes that I have not covered here.

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