Who Would Steal Fools Gold? PYRITES!!!!!

Ha ha! Cute Joke! I think the first time I heard about Fools Gold it was on the Brady Bunch or some other seventies sitcom. This stone is gorgeous and is a favorite among crystal collectors. What do you know abut it? What chakras does it help? Does it have any real value like real gold? Let's investigate the stone known as PYRITE.

Pyrite is iron sulfide. It is one of the most abundant sulfide minerals. Pyrite and marcasite are cousins. They are both iron sulfide but their inner structure is different. Pyrite is brass yellow and has the same metallic luster as gold does but it is brittle and will break rather than bend. Pyrite is named after the Greek word for fire because it will create a park when struck against metal or stone. It is also grow in the same places that gold does so if a miner finds pyrite then gold may be close by. It is now mined in Peru, Spain, Italy, The Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, South Africa and in the US states of Utah, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Pyrite used to be used to ignite gun powder in older guns and as a source for sulphur. Now it used mainly as ornamental stone, in inexpensive jewelry and even in solar panels.

Metaphysically, Pyrite is considered a yellow stone and used to balance the solar plexus chakra. Pyrite has a masculine energy. It is extroverted and aggressive. These traits help you push through obstacles. It helps light your inner fire as well as your metabolism. It is also good for drawing wealth, prosperity and money into your life. It is great for manifesting your every desire. It is grounding and good for virility. Pyrite is an Earth element stone and will help you keep that all important connection with Mama Earth. Pyrite is a protective and healing stone. It will protect you from negative energy if you carry it with you. It will make you happy when you look at it, so it is an excellent stone to have in your home decor or on your desk at work.

For wealth and prosperity you can put up a crystal grid in your home with a large pyrite being the "super star" stone in the center and surrounding it with Jade, Green Aventurine, Citrine and clear quartz. This stone will help you gain prosperity in your life and the inner fire to manifest all of your dreams. To recharge your pyrite, put it outside in the sun or on a sunny window sill. If you have any solar plexus problems contact me for a crystal reiki session today.

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